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Each of our products is coated with protective oils that are certified to be in contact with food. If you want some of our products to be varnished, we will fulfill your wish. We varnish with nitro and acrylic varnishes. Nitro varnishes are made on the basis of nitrocellulose and organic solvents have good covering power and provide good resistance of wood to moisture; their disadvantage is that they dry longer. Acrylic varnishes are in many ways similar to nitrocellulose-based varnishes. They consist of acrylic resins. They have great elasticity, especially in relation to nitro varnish. They have good resistance to moisture, light and other climatic influences, they dry quickly but are more expensive than nitro varnishes. In addition to our products, we can helpfully repaint some of your favorite wood products that need to be given a new shine.



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We perform service cutting of all types of wood on modern CNC machines according to your measurements and wishes. Nowadays, the machine industry is inconceivable without modern CNC machines. It follows the latest technological trends. Thanks to the CNC machine, we guarantee you quality and unique production of each individual piece of furniture. This machine involves curvilinear and 3D cutting, cutting, drilling and shaping of wood using a numerically controlled machine. CNC machine offers the ability to create logos, and characters for company or special events. We make drawings according to the customer's wishes, all on the spot. You design your furniture, you decide on the look of all the details, and we are just here to turn your ideas into reality.

Lasersko graviranje

Lasersko graviranje

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A wine box with an engraved dedication, a business card holder with the company logo, a rolling pin with the original message to the future housewife or maybe the verses of a favorite song on a wooden board are just some of the ways you can make each of our products unique.

We offer laser and CNC engraving services as well as wood carving. These wood decoration techniques are made with the highest quality cutters and we guarantee quality. We can also decorate some of your products, such as, for example, the fronts of kitchen elements or perhaps other pieces of furniture or wooden objects dear to you.

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Each of the products that you imagine or that we have on offer, and you may want to change a little, will be shown to you in 3D before being made.

Also, as a service, we offer you 3D design of kitchens, children's rooms, office or other desired furniture. What you imagine we will draw and so you will get a realistic picture of what the product or your space will look like.


Do you like to cook? Your favorite cooking utensils are a cooker, a spoon, a rolling pin? With the help of modern machines, we offer the highest quality production of objects of all shapes, from a ball to a roller, and each of them can have a woodcut of your choice.

With this technique we can produce table legs, decorations, plates, but also many other items that can be your idea.

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